Advance Termite Bait Station Placement

Installation and Monitoring of the Advance Termite Bait Stations

Advance TBS (Termite Bait Station)installed at 10 ft. intervals.

Advance TBS installed in mulch.

Soil cavity created with gas-powered soil auger.

Advance TBS next to soil cavity ready to be installed.

Installing the Advance TBS into the ground.

Press the Advance TBS into the ground by stepping on the station cap.

Removal of the Advance TBS cap using a short handle Spiderâ„¢.

Advance TBS cap removed from the station and held in The Spiderâ„¢.

Advance TIC (Termite Inspection Cartridge)removed for inspection using a cotter pin removal tool.(Or you may use any type of pin or screwdriver)

Termite feeding activity detected within the Advance TIC.

Termite tunneling activity and mudding around and inside the Advance TIC.

Termite feeding and colonization of the Advance TMB.