Should I do my own termite treatment?


Existing Infestations of Termites:

If you have an active termite infestation in your home, we feel that a combination of traditional liquid termiticides and termite baits is the best approach.

Applying liquid termite chemicals can be a complicated and difficult job, requiring lots of specialized equipment and training. Having the house treated by a professional pest control operator would be a prudent thing to do, particularly if you are on a slab or basement.

Difficult situations in applying termite chemicals

  • Homes on slabs, because of the drilling required.
  • Homes that have a basement, because of the drilling required.
  • If you need a clearance letter or proof of termite treatment, this needs to be done by a licensed pest control operator. Mortgage companies won't accept proof of termite clearance other than from a certified company.

Situations that are more accessible in applying your own termite chemicals

You can treat your fence posts, wooden sheds, mail boxes, etc. in the yard.

If your home is a block type of construction, and you do have adequate crawl space clearance to apply the chemicals.

If after the house has been treated, you could choose to install and maintain your own termite baiting system. At: How to do your own termite baiting, the installation and maintenance is covered.

D. If you feel that your house is treatable under difficult conditions, or you have experience in termiticide applications, call us at 800-476-3368. We will be glad to discuss the situation with you if you wish.

Preventative Treatments for Termites

A preventative treatment would be forming a chemical barrier with a liquid termiticide as discussed at Termite Chemical Treatments. It talks about trenching your soil with a diluted termite chemical, giving your the recommendations. If you leave the treated soil, undisturbed, this barrier will last about 5 years.

The advent of termite baits to the market has made preventative treatments very easy to do. At: How to do your own termite baiting, we go over step by step and give you the recommendations using the Advance Termite System in ground baiting system.

Termite baits have proven to be an effective means of dealing with termites. Remember though, that termite baits are not a barrier. They will reduce the population of termites in the area and thereby lessening the chances of termites finding their way into your house. An overview of the termite baiting process is discussed at at Termite Baiting Process-Overview.