Advance Termite Bait System-Installation

Controlling Termites Around the Structure

Use Advance Bait Termite Units around the structure to detect and control termite populations.

Installation Guide

Monitoring Stations: Spacing and Placement

Advance Termite Bait Monitoring Stations (TBS) should be installed approximately every 10 feet around the perimeter of the structure. Adjust the spacing where access to soil is restricted. The maximum allowable distance between Monitoring Stations is 20 feet, unless prohibited by structural components (I.e.,. concrete driveways, etc.). More Monitoring Bait Station placements improve the probability of achieving termite hits.

Install the TBS stations approximately 34-36 inches away from the foundation of the structure, or one to two inches from the roof drip line.
Do not install TBS stations in soil that has been treated with liquid termiticides or other pesticides unless it is an non-repellent insecticide such as Taurus SC . Do not install a Monitoring Bait Stations in areas prone to soil erosion, or where water can accumulate, such as under downspouts, or in excessively wet areas.

The Advance Termite Bait Monitor stations come ready to install. Each station has an inspection cartridge and wood base unit. You will need a special tool to open it, called a "Spider".


Using a 2-inch diameter drill bit, drill a 10-inch deep hole. Adjust the depth of the hole if necessary.

Installation is best with a post hole digger, about 8-10 inches deep and 4-5 inches in diameter. Afterwards, backfill the dirt under the lip of the station; making it flush with the ground.

3. If live termites are found in the immediate perimeter of the structure (mulch beds, around tree stumps, etc.) introduce the Advance Termite Bait Cartridge, and take out the Advance Termite Inspection Cartridges.

4. Lightly tamp down the dirt with your foot ( not to heavily)

5. Sit down and have a beverage, knowing that you have saved your house and possibly half of the free world from the "villainous" subterranean termites!!


1. Structures With Active Termite Infestations

The Monitoring Bait Stations should be checked for the presence of termites every 3 months for the Advance System.

Look for the presence of mud on throughout the bait monitors or stations.

If there are live termites present, remove the inspection cartridge and introduce them with the toxicants(termite baits).

Monitor the placements with the Advance Termite Bait Cartridge, monitor it every 45 days, and then 90 days afterwards.

After termites have stopped feeding, with no activity observed for three consecutive months, monitoring can be resumed.

2. Structures With No Active Termite Infestations

If there is no evidence of termite activity, begin inspecting the Monitoring Stations every three months.

Ongoing Monitoring

Continue to inspect the stations every 3 months.

During periods of extreme environmental conditions such as frozen ground, snow and floods, the monitoring frequency around the exterior of the structure may be altered until environmental conditions return to a state where they become conducive to termite foraging again.