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Photographs and text © Tom Sporney 1998-99,




Termite shelter tubes from bottom to top corner of basement window frame.

Bottom corner. Note large accumulation of mud at lower corner, at grade elevation.

Top corner. Note shelter tube stalagmite to left of 45° waste elbow.

In inaccessible open area under breezeway slab, termite tunnels on abandoned concrete formwork.
At bearing wall, sustantial accumulation of termite tunnels vertically along end of floor joists and severely damaged sill plate. Note installation of polybutylene piping.
View of same location from crawl space side, termite tunnels at floor joist end L side, and mounded up at R side joist end.
In basement water heater closet, termite shelter tube stalactites descending from overhead floor joists. Note shelter tube encircling metal water heater flue.
Side view of same location showing stalactites, tubes on flue and vertically on concrete wall.
In crawl space, termite tunnels on block foundation end end joist and hanging from floor joist. Note hanging tunnel at left foreground, measuring 3' below joist, and void through joist near end, at upper right.



[top] Termite shelter tubes in fan pattern along foundation wall. Note tubes developed along small-diameter copper tubing.

[bottom] Shelter tubes vertically on foundation wall to sill plate and floor joist at left.


[top] Damaged joist under LR floor, split from loading after substantial activity of powder-post beetles.

[middle] View of opposite side of split floor joist.

[bottom]Under LR floor, joist weakened significantly by powder-post beetle activity; screwdriver is easily plunged into soft lumber.


[top] Wood from floor joist, damaged by activity of powder-post beetles. Note disintegrated condition of wood at foreground.

[bottom] Close-up of beetle boring holes.


[top] Frass from carpenter ant activity at corner of crawl space.

[bottom] Separate area of frass at adjacent foundation.

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